With the HiFri® professional fryer, deep frying is simply child’s play.

The perfect setting for every product. It’s so simple. We’ve worked out the perfect settings for all snacks and French fries, to ensure you always get the best results. So you don’t just throw all the snacks in together.

A touchscreen and an intuitive interface

During development of the HiFri® we focused a lot of attention on the controls. For us it was important that everyone would be able to prepare the perfect snack. So we spent a lot of time developing a clear and intuitive menu structure. The controls are simple and the computer does the rest. Delicious snacks - guaranteed.


The HiFri® actually works just like a traditional fryer. That’s why the snacks are so tasty. It’s just that the cooking oil has been replaced with hot air and steam and the frying takes place entirely without oil. So it’s healthy.

Cleaning the industrial HiFri® fryer

Of course, this is extremely important. After all, it’s all about preparing food. Cleaning a traditional deep fryer is an intensive and unpleasant activity. Maybe that’s why people often continue cooking with old and smelly cooking oil. The professional HiFri® fryer works without cooking oil, so that’s already one less problem.

What’s more, the cleaning of the appliance is computer-driven. You don’t need to do anything. Simply select one of two cleaning programmes. Normal or Intensive. And insert the special cleaning tablet. Just like you do with your dishwasher.

Right you see the exit of the HiFri ®

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