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It is possible to purchase the HiFri® without the need for an initial investment. You can select a financial lease construction in which the monthly costs are lower than the savings you make on your operational costs. The HiFri® becomes your property after the lease period, increasing your savings still further.

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Healthy deep frying is really possible

Healthy deep frying is really possible.
Without cooking oil. It’s that simple.

Not one drop of oil

Not one drop of cooking oil is added to snacks and French fries in a HiFri® industrial fryer. Snacks and French fries are cooked using hot air and steam. And that makes a huge difference. Let’s do a quick calculation. With the HiFri® a person who eats a portion of French fries and two snacks (e.g. croquettes) every week Will consume two litres less cooking oil per year. That’s something to think about.

The HiFri frying method is better than traditional deep frying.

That’s not entirely true. But many errors can be made in traditional deep frying; old cooking oil and too high temperatures, to name just a few.

The HiFri® industrial fryer prevents the professional kitchen making all these errors, so you’re guaranteed to provide healthy snacks and French fries, every time.

So it is really possible and it’s still delicious too

You can no longer make any cooking oil errors. The quality is consistent and the taste is just as good. That makes the conclusion simple.



Deep frying is safer, cheaper and faster without cooking oil

Deep frying is safer, cheaper and faster
without cooking oil.


Frying without cooking oil really reduces the number workplace accidents. If you’re preparing food with hot cooking oil the smallest of errors can have huge consequences.


Air and steam are free, cooking oil isn’t. And then there are the wages to consider. Changing cooking oil and cleaning the deep fat fryer are labour-intensive jobs. Here’s an idea of what we mean. Including cooking oil and wages, you’ll make annual savings of €3,640 based on a weekly change of cooking oil for a 20-litre fryer.

Reduced risks for staff and business

Reduced risks for staff and business

Eliminating the use of cooking oil has many advantages. Consistent quality, health, efficiency and safety.


The advantages for your staff are legion. For example, they’ll no longer need to change the cooking oil and the fryer doesn’t need to be cleaned. And your staff won’t have to work in that smell of frying. But safety is a particular advantage. All those cooking oil burns will be a thing of the past.


Your business will notice the difference straight away. Just consider the reduced risks for your staff and your liability too. Not to mention reductions in other risks, such as fire.


Always tasty and healthy

Consistent Quality

Delicious French fries or a good croquette. To prepare these properly you need professional skills - and good, clean cooking oil. You can exclude all these uncertainties with the HiFri® industrial fryer. The HiFri® has fixed cooking times per product that are not dependent on cooking oil quality. So your French fries will be just right, every time.

Golden formulas

Snacks and French fries all have their own cooking time. All these times are tested for the ultimate taste and eating sensation, and if you use the specially-developed HiFri® products the taste is even better.

How does the hifri work

With the HiFri® professional fryer, deep frying is simply child’s play.

The perfect setting for every product. It’s so simple. We’ve worked out the perfect settings for all snacks and French fries, to ensure you always get the best results. So you don’t just throw all the snacks in together.

A touchscreen and an intuitive interface

During development of the HiFri® we focused a lot of attention on the controls. For us it was important that everyone would be able to prepare the perfect snack. So we spent a lot of time developing a clear and intuitive menu structure. The controls are simple and the computer does the rest. Delicious snacks - guaranteed.


The HiFri® actually works just like a traditional fryer. That’s why the snacks are so tasty. It’s just that the cooking oil has been replaced with hot air and steam and the frying takes place entirely without oil. So it’s healthy.

Deep frying without oil or fat

Deep frying without oil or fat. Just as crispy, just as tasty. But much, much healthier.

Deep frying has a lot of negative associations these days. If you think about deep frying you can smell old oil, you worry about cholesterol levels and getting fat. In short, it’s unhealthy. But that’s the deep frying of yesterday. Deep frying in oil or fat. We’re all familiar with that old deep-fat fryer. It smells of old cooking oil. And everyone hates cleaning it.

Deep frying (with oil) is unhealthy; it’s become a bit of a mantra these days. Deep frying is just outdated now. And yet those French fries can be so delicious, especially with a yoghurt-based mayonnaise; much healthier than full-fat mayonnaise.

One appliance, many tastes

One appliance, many tastes.

The HiFri®

professional fryer is sized to fit in every professional kitchen. It’s about the same size as a large fridge. What’s more, it’s a sealed system making it safe for your staff. The HiFri® is operated via touchscreen (and of course with no greasy finger problems).

Wide range of flavours

Most traditional, but also more exotic snacks are suitable for the HiFri® professional fryer. As things can always be better and possibly healthier too, several manufacturers have already started developing products specifically for the HiFri®. These products score even higher on taste, look and nutrient content.



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