Healthy deep frying is really possible.
Without cooking oil. It’s that simple.

Not one drop of oil

Not one drop of cooking oil is added to snacks and French fries in a HiFri® industrial fryer. Snacks and French fries are cooked using hot air and steam. And that makes a huge difference. Let’s do a quick calculation. With the HiFri® a person who eats a portion of French fries and two snacks (e.g. croquettes) every week Will consume two litres less cooking oil per year. That’s something to think about.

The HiFri frying method is better than traditional deep frying.

That’s not entirely true. But many errors can be made in traditional deep frying; old cooking oil and too high temperatures, to name just a few.

The HiFri® industrial fryer prevents the professional kitchen making all these errors, so you’re guaranteed to provide healthy snacks and French fries, every time.

So it is really possible and it’s still delicious too

You can no longer make any cooking oil errors. The quality is consistent and the taste is just as good. That makes the conclusion simple.



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