Deep frying without oil or fat. Just as crispy, just as tasty. But much, much healthier.

Deep frying has a lot of negative associations these days. If you think about deep frying you can smell old oil, you worry about cholesterol levels and getting fat. In short, it’s unhealthy. But that’s the deep frying of yesterday. Deep frying in oil or fat. We’re all familiar with that old deep-fat fryer. It smells of old cooking oil. And everyone hates cleaning it.

Deep frying (with oil) is unhealthy; it’s become a bit of a mantra these days. Deep frying is just outdated now. And yet those French fries can be so delicious, especially with a yoghurt-based mayonnaise; much healthier than full-fat mayonnaise.

HiFri®. Hi-Tech Frying.

Luckily the HiFri® (Hightec Frying) technology means we can enjoy delicious snacks again. And they’re healthy too. HiFri® is a technology that deep fries snacks and French fries using hot air and steam.

Not one drop of cooking oil is involved, sparing you from all that smell and inconvenience. Not to mention the high calories and other health consequences.

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HiFri is a product of QBTEC